HR Management ... The Essentials!

HR Management ... The Essentials! – 6th June 2019 – Brisbane

  • HR Management course
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm

This practical workshop will cover every aspect of Human resources management…from recruitment through to exit and everything in between.

You will learn how to develop a great organisation culture, what great team leaders do (and Don’t do), how to manage performance and ‘difficult behaviours’, steps to building a great team and discover why most formal staff appraisal systems don’t work…and more!

9.30am until 3.30pm

The Program covers;

  • How to create a positive team culture
  • The characteristics of  high performing teams
  • The characteristics of great team leaders
  • How to set and measure team goals and standards
  • Re-building a damaged or broken team
  • Why most ‘appraisal’ systems don’t work
  • What ‘performance’ should be assessed and how
  • Why employee behaviour shouldn’t be scored
  • What performance management is and isn’t
  • How to have ‘difficult’ conversations
  • Dealing with disruptive employees
    …and much more!



Level 1, 320 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, Queensland, 4000, Australia