Conflict Management & Resolution

Conflict Management & Resolution – 6th May – Melbourne

  • 06-05-2019
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm


Although we would prefer for it not to exist, Workplace conflict happens … with many unfortunate consequences if left unchecked. This practical and interactive one-day course will equip participants with the skills they need to not only identify workplace conflict and understand why it occurs but also how to manage and resolve workplace disagreements.


  • The causes of workplace conflict
  • How to recognise the signs of an emerging conflict
  • Managing and resolving conflicts between individuals
  • Managing and resolving team conflict
  • Managing and resolving conflict between you and another
  • How to identify your conflict management ‘style’
  • What questions to ask … and how
  • How to provide ‘non-explosive’ feedback
  • Understanding the crucial elements of a constructive discussion
  • How to avoid taking sides and making subjective judgements
  • How to develop deep listening and curiosity skills
  •  … and much more!



Ibis Hotel, 15-21 Therry Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia