Accounting & Financial Management Demystified!

Accounting & Financial Management Demystified!

Accountants and ‘finance people’ use their own mysterious jargon.

Have you ever wondered about terms such as balance sheet, profit or loss statement, cash flow, solvency, turnover, liquidity, amortisation?

Have you ever wondered how to easily assess your organisation’s financial health?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then this program is for you!

CBD location

9.30am til 3.30pm (Lunch and refreshments provided)

Price $385 ex GST

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Why financial literacy is so important … for your organisation and career
  • The 3 major statements and what they can tell us
    • The balance sheet
    • The income (or profit or loss) statement
    • The cash flow statement
  • Understanding the jargon
  • The role of auditors
  • Ways to assess your organisation’s financial health and position
  • What accounting software to use (and why you shouldn’t trust it 100%)
  • The 5 key indicators of a financially robust organisation
  • How fraud happens and how to prevent it
  • Identifying and managing organisational risk before you get hit!
  • Why most budgeting systems are wasteful and ineffective
  • 5 Types of budgets and how to develop them